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Tools Academy Bangalore

A Career Management Company

Teachers Training Program

The transformation is very critical to teachers as they are dealing with "information rich and Knowledge poor" Students. The Basic Idea of this program is to initiate such transformation among the teachers and make them equip themselves to make their own innovative methods understanding the student's needs. Behaviour analysis – A tool to understand the Student Attitude is the best possible word to define a person. Attitudes are deep rooted beliefs and are always hidden. What an outsider can see in anybody is their behaviours. Behaviours are their natural responses for any given situation. Each individual behaves uniquely for any given situation and challenges. These situations can be generalized in to 4 categories

  • How one approaches challenges and problems
  • How one interacts with people
  • How one responds to changes and Pace
  • How one responds to rules and regulations
  • Based on how one response to above situations and their preferred way of dealing with the situations the behaviours can be grouped as

  • Dominance Behaviour
  • Influencing Behaviour
  • Steadiness Behaviour
  • Compliance Behaviour
  • Training Approach

    Experts in "Tools academy" have developed this Train the Teacher Program to understand the students through this Behaviour analysis model and he/she can formalize specific strategies to make students excel in their studies. Through this framework of behaviour analysis teachers will also learn the application of this technique in understanding

  • Teacher as a professional
  • Concept of teaching for understanding
  • Information-Knowledge cycle
  • Effective communication in the class.
  • These inputs are given through interactive sessions where the teachers participate with their own day-to- day cases as examples. At the end of this program Teachers are asked to create their own solution to previously identified challenge/s using the techniques learned during the course.

    This entire Program is of two days with 12-14 hours of class room training with appropriate breaks.


    Teachers Tarining Program helps the Teachers or the Faculty to tune up their teaching approach and to better deliver the knowledge.


  • Behavior Analysis Test

  • Cement & Concrete workshop

  • Communication & Interview
    Skills Training

  • Professional Selling skills Training


    Career Guide(A Personalized Development Kit)

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