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Tools Academy Bangalore

A Career Management Company

Professional selling skills Training

Selling is one of the Key functions in any business. It brings revenue to the organization. Sales person is the first one who experiences the customer's needs. Sale is a function of many things. It is a satisfaction of some needs to customer and a revenue generation for the organization. But this transaction is not simple, because customers are "Time poor and 'Information rich" To handle such demands from the customers a trained sales person is more equipped than an ordinary person. Learning Selling skills is a difficult proposition. One has to change or alter his natural style and adapt to a new way of life. This will create conflict in the participant's mind and often they tend to devoid themselves in the trainings.

Training Approach

We at TOOLS understand this dilemma of the participants and uses internationally renowned DISC Behavior analysis to train the participants. Basic principle behind this method of analysis is "Individuals behave uniquely and differently internally and to any external environment but there is a distinct relationship between them" In this test such behaviours are divided in to 4 categories

  • How one approaches problems and challenges
  • How one interacts and influences people
  • How one responds to changing and Different levels of activities
  • How one responds to rules and regulations.
  • A Sale is not something one pursue it is what happens to you while you are understanding your customer's needs." Using this concept TOOLS will make the participants to understand themselves and their customers better. The participants will learn the entire sales communication and understanding the customer by understanding the way customer behaves.

    We at TOOLS use this as a base and train the participants " Selling the way your customer wants to Buy "


    Make the participants to understand and learn the concepts of effective Selling skills which includes Understanding of Products, Customers, Need Satisfaction, Art of closing and CRM.


  • Behavior Analysis Test

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  • Communication & Interview
    Skills Training

  • Professional Selling skills Training


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