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Cement & Concrete - An Insight into a wonderful world

Concrete is the most commonly use building material other than water in the world. From a mere mixture of cement, sand, Aggregates and water this product has carved a niche in to a technically and aesthetically important product in the building material industry. Ever demanding infrastructure industry offers new challenges in to its important constituent – concrete. In developed countries concrete infrastructure constitute about 60% of the built environment. In India we are yet to reach a respectful figure, but efforts are on to create a sustainable infrastructure environment. Understanding concrete is a science and an art. Concrete technology is an art as it allows us to use widely available materials like cement, aggregates and water to create distinctive products with varied performances. Concrete technology is a Science as it allows us to research and understand its behaviour and it is complex enough to throw new challenges.

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The course offered here to the students of civil Engineering is Cement and concrete- An insight in to the wonderful world" is an interactive workshop designed for students of civil Engineering to make them understand both theoretical and application part of Cement and concrete. Today Indian infrastructure industry requires an investment of 6 lakh crore of investments.
Similarly this industry requires as many as 50000 QC and QA professionals in concrete technology. A fresh graduate with a basic training in this subject will have an edge over others in terms of understanding the concepts and practical applications of concrete technology. Apart from the basics of cement and concrete technology participants will also learn on Ready mixed concrete and also Special concretes and its applications Details of the course are as bellow…


Make the participants to understand and learn the concepts of cement and concrete with a special session on Ready Mix concrete


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