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Tools Academy Bangalore

A Career Management Company


Attitudes and Behaviour are two important attribute of human beings. These two will create a human personality. Attitudes are the deep rooted beliefs and preferences: Behaviours are the responses one show for any external challenges or internal preferences. Like internal deep routed beliefs each individual will try to respond uniquely for different challenges.

We at Tools academy, through our behaviour analysis test capture such Behaviours for various real life situations and create a comprehensive development plan on :

  • choosing ideal career paths
  • Knowing ones strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding and improving communication skills etc…

    As per our education system students from college get their knowledge through formal coaching in the college. Colleges provide additional skill development trainings on analytical skills, communication skills etc… to impart employability skills. The critical gap for any student as a fresher to excel in any corporate environment is how well one can adapt to various challenges thrown on them. The ability of any individual to respond to the challenges is based on his natural behavioural preferences. (For example: A person may be good in analytical skills but prefers to be with people always)
    Tools behaviour analysis test will capture such responsive behaviours Through Simulation or Forced choice based test and capture individual's natural behavioural preferences. Such responses are interpreted to understand ones

    Personal Style Style of communication
    Value to any organization Role as a team Player
    Influencing abilities Ability to take stress and pressures

    Using these inputs we provide complete career Guidance for the students.

    Please click to See a Typical Behavior Analysis Report

    Benefits of Behavior Analysis test for Students

    Useful for Students who aspires for a Long term career
    Helps in Understanding His/her Stronger / weaker areas also helps in identifying critical areas to be Successful
    Helps in creating a focus group and can be used to provide need based trainings for the selected student to excel in their areas
    Helps in understanding one's Style of communication and helps in improving Communication skills
    Can be used to match ideal candidates for job profiles
    Areas to concentrate to excel in Studies, Jobs etc…
    Helps in identifying choosing ideal career choices and Job roles.
    Helps in identifying stronger areas as a team member and tips for improving the performance
    Gets inputs for attending tricky questions like "Why do you want to join us "what motivates you" "what is your weakness "etc….
    Helps in creating a personalized development plan


    Benefits of Behavior Analysis test for Colleges

    Helps colleges in creating a plan to support potential top performers not only on academic credentials but on all other hidden skills
    Helps in creating a focus group and can be used to provide need based trainings for the selected student to excel in their areas
    Can be used to match ideal candidates for job profiles.
    Helps in identifying right candidate for right job profile and thus higher success rate in campus interviews.
    Can be used to match ideal candidates for job profiles
    Can be used as a differentiator in projecting available talent pool for potential employers in campus interviews.


  • Behavior Analysis Test

  • Cement & Concrete workshop

  • Communication & Interview
    Skills Training

  • Professional Selling skills Training


    Career Guide(A Personalized Development Kit)

    Career GuideAvail the Benefits of Career Guide Read more....